Kiss your gas goodbye! – Tea Party Nation

Kiss your gas goodbye! – Tea Party Nation

via Kiss your gas goodbye! – Tea Party Nation.

Facts !  I pay attention to the facts so when president Obama suspends oil drilling for Americans and gives Brazil and Venezuela 2 Billion to drill in the same water, It makes me wounder what side Mr. Obama is really on.  Both of these countries hate us and both are Socialist, who can figure? This is just in your face F_ _K you America, I’m in charge.  How can the Liberals justify backing him on this?  With all the other facts known, how can you not think we are heading towards Socialism?  They pick and choose what laws to enforce. They keep telling us the economy is better…..Hello !  It doesn’t feel better to me or any of my friends. People need to understand that in the Socialist system 9.5% unemployment is normal.  It’s not just about Obama, it’s about him and all the czars he’s appointed with the same ideology in key positions in the government. We have government officials from Europe telling us we are heading for European style Socialism and yet some Americans don’t listen. There is a ground swell movement of just ordinary people, most who have never been involved in politics before, they just might save us from ourselves..  What will it take for some Americans to read the writing on the wall?  I don’t know but I do know this….This election is one of the most important in my life time and if we don’t prevail in November,  this country and it’s people are in for some very hard times.

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