Restoring our Republic – Tea Party Nation

Restoring our Republic – Tea Party Nation

via Restoring our Republic – Tea Party Nation.

It doesn’t matter what the philosophy of a politician is if your not being represented. It’s funny because I’ve felt this way for most of my life. I don’t think our founding fathers wanted career politicians representing us. They wanted shop keepers, farmers, just average people in the House. God forbid I wanted to see my representative in person it’s all most impossible. We need to do something or we will loose this country to the point we can’t get it back. People are being told about the assault on our Constitution by this Socialist president but most people don’t want to believe it. Even if they carry signs saying they support Socialism as with the march last week end on DC, people just don’t want to except the facts. We even have our major news media supporting this president and his Socialist ideology. Can’t people see that our country is changing? Now there telling us that 7.5% unemployment is going to be the norm for the next 10 years. For the past 30 years unemployment never went over 7.5%. This is true with all Socialist countries, the working class support the unemployed. The stock market is still going up no matter how bad the news is. Something in this country has been ass back wards lately. With the control that this administration has on all aspects of our government and the unwillingness of the American people to come together for the good of the country, I just hope it’s not too late.

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